Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

Harboring Doubts?

When Boston landed the Democratic Convention (search) it was supposed to be a $150 million boost to the city. And when hometown Senator John Kerry won the nomination it seemed too good to be true. Well, apparently it was.

With authorities closing down much of downtown for security reasons, officials now predict the city and state could lose $50 million during the four-day event.

Pigged Out

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford tried to make light of a political defeat this week when he brought a couple of pigs into the chamber of the State House. Sanford -- a Republican -- had just lost a budget fight with the Republican-controlled House and, with a pig under each arm, he declared that pork won and the taxpayers lost.

Well, the pigs did what pigs do… on the Governor's suit, his shoes and the carpeting in the House.

The angry Speaker said, "This is the people's House and he defiled it."

We think he meant the governor… not one of the pigs.