Photographer Has 5 Kidneys After Receiving 3 Transplants

A photographer in India has five kidneys after receiving three organs from family members, the Telegraph reported Monday.

Jaswant Singh, 33, has had three transplant operations after his two sisters and mother each donated one kidney to him.

But the first two kidneys failed so doctors decided to just leave the non-functioning organs inside him.

Singh received his latest kidney from his 55-year-old mother. He had his first transplant in 2002 after both kidneys failed. Singh is hopeful about the success of his latest transplant.

"The new kidney is functioning properly so far," said Singh, who lives in the Punjab. "But presently I am on heavy medication. It will become more clear after I cut down my medication in six months. It is very difficult to explain how much I have suffered. Sometimes I could not work for months at a time. I couldn't go far from my home or eat outside."

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