Phone Booth, Basic and More Ocean's Eleven

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Phone Booth, Travolta's Basic and the possibility of 'Ocean's Twelve' in The Foxlight

Colin Farrell is a high-powered publicist, Kiefer Sutherland is a man with a high-powered rifle. If Colin shoots off his mouth, you can guess what Kiefer is going to do with the rifle. This is the high concept surprise hit Phone Booth.

The movie was supposed to star Jim Carrey, but he probably bailed for a bigger paycheck. It all looked pretty cool to The Foxlight on the big screen, and the claustrophobic feel should work even better on the small screen this week. Did I mention the whole movie takes place in the phone booth? Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?

Next this is John Travolta's best performance in years. I know that because it says it on the DVD package and because, well, I said it. Yep, they quoted The Foxlight on his last film Basic. That doesn't mean the film doesn't have some credibility problems. But they never use those quotes, do they?

There are a lot of twists in this pretzel of a movie, and some work better than others. On top of it all, this looks like the same set as The General's Daughter. Did he walk from one set to the other? No, John is in much better shape this time. Must have fired a few of his six chefs.

Finally, how do top Ocean's Eleven? With a sequel in the works called Ocean's Twelve. Most everyone is back -- but no matter what you hear, I bet Julia Roberts passes on this sequel.