Phoenix Monastary Letting Out Rooms to Super Bowl Fans

If you're headed to the Super Bowl, but haven't got a place to stay — there's a solution that you could say is nothing less than heaven-sent.

Some good-hearted Benedictine nuns at Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery in Phoenix are opening their doors to fans in need of room and board — for a price, of course.

"We had heard about all of the folks who were considering renting out their homes," Sister Linda Campbell said about the expected Super Bowl weekend crush, "The amount of the money they were asking, I thought — wow, this is incredible."

And for $250 a night, you'd be hard-pressed to find accommodations this close to the University of Phoenix Stadium — the monastery sits just 3.5 miles away.

The catch? No drinking and no smoking on the premises.

"It's kind of like, what would you do at your parent's house? And you would think they would be very respectful," she said.

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