Peterson Trial

Dear Viewers,

What I like most about my job is the diverse stories I get to cover.

Last week I was steeped in military stories -- which may be my favorite topic -- and this week it is back to law – which "brought me to the dance." Our show will be live this week from Redwood City and the topic? You guessed it, Scott Peterson's (search) double murder trial.

Many viewers say they don't want to hear about the Peterson trial, but I never stop being amazed at our justice system. Yes, it is far from perfect, but the truth is that it is the best in the world and until we come up with a better justice system, this is the best one!

If you are a regular viewer, you know that I do poke fun at the California state court system. I have yet to figure out why trials seem to take forever there. If the O.J. Simpson case had been tried in Washington D.C., it would have taken one month instead of about nine months it did in California! Of course it does not "help," that the California courts often take off Fridays. It is hard to finish a trial if days are taken off.

One viewer took issue with me about my comments about the Friday off in California. Apparently not all California courts do that and I think it only fair that you see this e-mail:

Dear Greta,
I would like to reply to the notion that California courts are closed on Fridays. The last couple of times I have been called to service, it happened to be on Friday. It is Friday,
May 28, '04 and I have just finished jury duty in the L.A. Co. Superior Courts.
Thank You,
Alice Perez
Azusa, CA

Alicia: My apologies to the court in L.A. that was open for business on Friday. I am curious to see if the court in Redwood City follows suit! Thanks for the e-mail!


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