Peter Main, Chairman of Nintendo

This is a partial transcript from Your World with Neil Cavuto, December 19, 2001.

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Folks are spending less and getting, well, a bit frugal. Not when it comes to their kids though. The bottom line: If they want it, they are going to get it. One company that's banking on that is Nintendo.

Joining us now from Seattle is Peter Main, chairman of Nintendo America. Peter, good to have you.


CAVUTO: Your GameCube — you've got a lot riding on it. How's it looking?

MAIN: It's looking fantastic. The industry is on fire, plus 37 percent year on year. GameCube came to market in November and it is off the scales. We have shipped about a million, two. About a million of them have disappeared already. There are a hundred thousand or so still going to market every week. And it's clearly a crowd favorite this holiday.

CAVUTO: You know, you've got principle competitors in PlayStation 2 and the Microsoft Xbox. And I guess it is hard to get a price comparison on these because a lot of dealers, if you include, you know, software and of all of this, we're talking about a $500 item. Now, you have a price advantage there.

But, I mean, both of these machines, PlayStation 2 and, of course, the Xbox, are giving you a run for your money, aren't they?

MAIN: There's no question more and more Americans are embracing video games this year than ever before. But clearly, again, the GameCube is all about, nothing more, nothing less than just great games, $100 less than the other guys (UNINTELLIGIBLE). But we have got a very hot entry in the market.

CAVUTO: Do you fear though, that this confuses shoppers, that they don't know which standard ultimately will survive, which will have the most games and they just say, oh the heck with it?

MAIN: Well, the customer is very savvy. They buy against the games that are available. We have got a strong opening lineup, all those great Nintendo characters are represented, big sports, other action adventure. And at the end of the day, who's got the best games is going to be the winner, not only this year, but over the longer haul. And we like our chances.

CAVUTO: Peter Main, Nintendo of America, thank you very much. Appreciate it.

MAIN: Thank you.

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