Personal Responsibility Is Being Banned in America

This isn't about banning cupcakes in school. This is about banning personal responsibility in America.

Don't you see what's going on here? You can't take care of yourself. Let the food police take care of yourself for you.

You can't control your kids' weight. Let the government control their weight for you.

You can't read the paperwork on a subprime mortgage you suddenly can't pay, let the government pay it for you.

You can't find a level playing field with the rich? Let the government tax them more and level it for you.

See a trend here? I do.

We're stupid. We're fat. We're lazy. We're clueless.

And the government is coming in to make things right.

Some of us welcome the help. I fear it. And here's why.

Good intentions come at a cost, my friends. I'm not talking about the cost in dollars. I'm talking about the cost in dignity.

Because this nanny state costs us our freedom, our self respect, our very being. They don't tell you that when they help you.

You only see it after the fact, when they own you.

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