Pearl's Wife Makes New Appeal for Release

Mariane Pearl, the pregnant wife of kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, issued the following statement Thursday to her husband's captors:

To the people holding my husband, Danny Pearl:

It has been more than three weeks since my husband, Danny Pearl, disappeared while reporting an article for the Wall Street Journal in Karachi, Pakistan. I want to appeal again to you to please release him or at least let me know how he is doing.

As you know, Danny is an innocent man, a journalist who has come to you as a guest with an open mind and the sole objective of writing about your views for a global audience. He has never harmed anybody. Instead, he has been quite sympathetic to the pain caused to others. Danny and I are both gentle, peace-loving people. This is the frame of mind with which we came to Pakistan. It has allowed us to befriend so many Pakistanis who have upheld the rich tradition of the culture of honoring and respecting guests.

As I do not have any news about Danny's health and well-being this has been a very difficult time for me. As you know I am six months pregnant. Danny and I learned just two days before his disappearance that we would be bringing a boy into the world. I am sure you can understand the difficult effects this struggle might have on a perfectly innocent unborn child. Our child is a living soul, "nafs al-ru." Since his father's disappearance, he is now breathing into his being the worry and apprehension I have about my husband's well being.  My husband and I are looking forward to creating a family that will help make this world a better place through better dialogue and understanding between civilisations.

From the bottom of my heart, I appeal to you to please release Danny and enable us to continue carrying out the path we have chosen to pursue.

I have faith you will trust the sincerity of my message to you as a wife and expectant mother, and that you will let him go free to join me.

Mariane Pearl