Pat Sajak Weekend: May 11

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Join Pat Sajak for FOX News Channel's show with one-on-one celebrity conversations!

This one-hour, one-on-one show is a new place for conversation and celebrity interviews. Sajak's easygoing style and appreciation for his guests prove to be a winning combination.

Check out these special guests:

He caused quite a stir in the media world. Bernard Goldberg, author of Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distorts the News, tells us how to recognize bias in the media. Plus, he gives us his take on the war coverage in Iraq (search). And does he hunger for news reporting again? Also, why has CBS anchor Dan Rather not spoken with him recently? The Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist fills us in.

Lenny of Laverne and Shirley is here! Actor, writer and singer Michael McKean tells us about his latest project, A Mighty Wind (search). But did you know the star of Spinal Tap appeared 26 times in Saturday Night Live? He was the oldest person to be cast on the show. But what is he working on now with his wife and actress Annette O'Toole? And what did he do to impress girls when he was young? Don't miss it!