Partying at the White House

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Dear Viewers,

Tonight's show is airing from NYC. We brought the DC staff up to NYC to join the NYC for a holiday dinner. We don't often see each other - in fact this is the only time we all see each other at once. Otherwise the only time that a DC staffer might see a NY staffer is "on the road" should they both be assigned to a remote show. Because of the incredible communication via computer, it is no longer necessary for an entire staff to be in the same city. When I was at CNN, we had staff in three cities - Atlanta, DC and NYC.

I have posted pictures from the media White House Christmas / holiday party. As you may know, I forgot my camera so at the party I had to beg colleagues to take pictures and send them to me. Our "lighting guy" Dave (yes, the one who has the nightly impossible task of trying to hide my age and my sleep deprivation) sent me the pics posted today.

I have picked randomly some e mails (and some I have responded to) and posted them below.....

E-mail No. 1

Greta, I lost the respect I had for you tonight. I have watched your show for a long long time and not liked or agreed with alot that has been on but after tonights show and opinion and words from you I don't know if I will ever watch again! Kansas

ANSWER: Dear Kansas - I am having a hard time understanding why the vitriol in your message. Disagreeing is healthy - as long as it is done with good mind, and good heart. We will not always see 'eye to eye' -- and from time to time we should even be able to change our views as facts change and thus give rise to a different scenario or opinion than originally thought. It might be bizarre if we both thought exactly alike on every given topic. We are both privy to different facts, and different life experiences. I bet - from time to time - you are wrong. I know that I am. I suspect you are not a "bad" person and that I am not a "bad" person because we disagree some or even alot. We can disagree and still get along -- that's the way it is in my family and I suspect yours. I regret that you "lost respect" for me -- I did not know that my respect with you was so fragile. However, as long as I feel comfortable with what I say -- and do so not without malice or motive or agenda - I am content to lose your respect. I would lose my respect for myself if I caved into your email and abandoned my principles simply because of an e mail.

E-mail No. 2

Congratulations Greta on the murder of the pregnant woman.
Another "horrific" crime has occured just in time for the end of the Petterson trial. Now you can continue to prosper from the tragedy of others. I sure do enjoy watching numerous sub-par attorneys sit on your show and comment on absolutely nothing just to make money.
If you really want to show people the legal system why don't you show what the defense attorneys do to the victims during trials. Why don't you show what these attorneys have done to the courts and law enforcement. Do not kid yourself, you do not show how the legal system works. You only sensationalize the tragedy of others.
Orange County, CA
P.S. Stop having the attorneys on your show comment about law enforcement matters. They sound like idiots.

E-mail No. 3

I had been very impressed with Amber during the months before the trial and her behavior during the trial. I am having a really hard time with this book deal. I hoped she would be the one who would continue her class act and make no money off the hideous deaths of Laci and Conner. I know she has the right to do whatever she wants to do as she was the one who spent hours taping Scott and cooperating with the police. I just really hoped Amber would keep the rest of her secrets locked up in her head so Sharon, Ron, and Brent would not have to watch Amber make a fortune divulging the rest of her life with Scott. I know how tempting all that money is especially when you have two young children. I guess it is time for everyone involved in this case to write a book. How sad all of this will be for Sharon, who is truly the most dignified woman I have ever seen.


E-mail No. 4

I read several comments today in your Gretawire from your viewers making a big deal about the Appeal value of the Peterson jurors jumping inside his boat.
I think they were more likely getting a feel for the interior of the boat. Where might the body have been stowed? Was it big enough for fishing gear and simply, how it felt to be inside, rather than walking around the outside, looking in. Different perspective, plain and simple.
As with the example, handling a gun used in a crime. Yes, they would not be able to fire it, but they certainly could swing out the cylinder, pull the hammer back....sort of like climbing in a boat? Is swinging out the cylinder of a revolver, which is the first thing anyone should do when handed a gun; is this called an experiment? LB

ANSWER: if you are right, that this boat matter was simply to "view" it for the ability to put a body in it etc, there will be no reversal of the conviction on this issue. If, on the other hand, it is seen as a "test" or "experiment," there will be a reversal. I am not sure how the court will see it.

E-mail No. 5

Hi Greta;
While I usually do not enjoy Gloria, tonight was an exception. Her arrogance was overtaken for an instance by the limits of her intellect as she said;
I do not give a great amount of credit for the conviction to Amber's testimony, but I've given her a tremendous level of respect since it became apparent she was not seeking celebrity status. Any income she receives from a book deal would not influence me to volunteer to endure the problems which she has and will experience from this case.
Have a nice evening,
Kent Pettyjohn
Olathe, KS.

ANSWER: I did not hear "our" book but I often miss what the guests say since I get technical information fed to me from time to time.

E-mail No. 6

Dear Greta,
Amber Frye already told the world on camera how Scott lied to her etc. what possibly could the book tell us we don't know? Married men lie to women every day, but if these women would write a book nobody would be interested in, but Peterson became a public figure and Amber knew that will be her chance to cash in. At first I applauded her for coming out, but now I see why she did it. She is cashing in while the families are hurting.
Barbara Goode
Louisville, KY

E-mail No. 7

Greta/Fox News....

I intuitively knew Amber and Gloria's motives....But, I never suspected you would ever prostitute your values and 'air'/ endorse reading the upcoming "book".
I would appreciate you passing on the following suggestion to Judith Reagan....On the inside of the book's jacket under the suggested retail price...they should include pictures of the autopsy photos of Lacy and Connor (thats the REAL price) of this trash.
I can only hope, that anyone who profits from this tragedy....Rots in Hell!
I use to say..."Get betta with Greta". Any suggestion as what I should change that to?...SHAME ON YOU!

Randy Johnson
Turlock, Ca.

ANSWER: Randy - in my job I try to read EVERYTHING written by people connected to stories. I read almost every Bin Laden book, Mrs. Cheney's book, Senator Kay Baily Hutchison, Anonymous's book on the war, for example. I think I would be failing you if I "picked" only the books that I wanted to read and when I wanted to read them. When I read books it is NOT to necessarily endorse them but rather so that I can bring you as much information and perspective as possible. I also believe in the First Amendment and believe people have a right to write books -- even if I do not like the person's views.

E-mail No. 8

You are a sellout I just watched your show and your interview with Gloria Allred made me want to vomit. Your paycheck must be huge, of course they have always plammed tom write the book. Gloria probaply got the case by promising the book deal. Shame shame shame Greta.

E-mail No. 9

I know, not another OJ trial resurrection, but I do have a question...

I tend to wear driving gloves in the winter and a friend made an
off-the-cuff comment the other day about looking like an OJ Simpson in my
gloves. On the way home, I was thinking about this while the gloves were
rubbing the skin on my thumbs a little raw while driving.

Just out of curiosity, did anyone ever test the INSIDE of the gloves for
DNA evidence, especially in the thumb areas? I don't recall hearing about it.

J. P. Urban
Johnson City, NY

ANSWER - what a brilliant idea...and I think the answer is that no one did check.