Parting Thoughts on Faith and War

Osama bin Laden's euphoric claims that Allah foretold and blessed the September 11 massacres raises the touchy question of whether bin Laden is a delusional nut or the leader of a significant Muslim movement. 

Even though most Islamic scholars and worshipers regard the slaughter of innocents as a great and horrible sin, a network of mosques, many supported and guided by friendly government in places like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, openly spread the venomous message of bin Laden and his acolytes.  So, for that matter, do mosques in Western capitals. 

Homicidal ideologies of this sort don't deserve the dignity of being called religions.  They lavish thanksgiving and praise on murderous men and replace an almighty creator with a blood-thirsty destroyer. 

This means the governments in the Muslim world, most of which control who gets to say what in the mosques, have to make a choice: They can muzzle the mullahs who advocate slaughter, or they can resign themselves to the fact that sooner or later we'll make them pay for what they say. 

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