Parting Thoughts for May 6, 2001

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TONY SNOW, HOST:  It is difficult to take seriously a human rights organization that gives the United States the heave-ho while rolling out the welcome mat to the Sudan, which conducts a brisk slave trade, and Syria, an agent of active global mayhem. 

But that's precisely what happened this week when the United Nations Economic and Social Council, the parent body for the human rights commission, voted America off the island. 

There was a certain amount of treachery afoot:  At least 19 countries that had promised to support our cause didn't.  But that shouldn't surprise anybody. 

The UN lost its credibility on human rights three decades ago, when it began using the language of liberty to defend Communist despotism and anti-Western terrorism. 

The inmates have taken to running the asylum, which is why tyrannical and undemocratic regimes get seats on the human rights commission, and we don't. 

Bad news?  No.  It looks like we got kicked out just in time to avoid getting stuck in an increasingly mediocre and hypocritical crowd.   

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