Parting Thoughts for July 1, 2001

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As ongoing debates in Washington demonstrate, we have completely mangled the meaning of the term "rights." Properly used, it describes the conditions necessary to guarantee individual liberties. But these days we apply it to government giveaways, including education and health care. These things cost money, which the government takes from us, but they also make us greedy. The moment politicians give us one thing, we start thinking of what else we want. Meanwhile, we act as if these goodies are God-given gifts that no mortal can take away. The shift in emphasis explains why our ideal of citizenship has changed over the years from helping hands and shared responsibility to every man for himself. But the whole thing's a charade. When politicians crow about creating new bills of rights, they create a lot more bills than rights. And they do it while turning their backs on the basics -- life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Wouldn't it be nice if Uncle Sam just protected the rights we already have, instead of creating new ones that are empty promises with high price tags? That's a good question for Independence Day. Speaking of which, have a great Fourth of July. Be sure to join us next week, when our special guest will be golfing great Ben Crenshaw, talking about religion, politics and the sport he loves. And as always, remember to start your Sundays right here on Fox News Sunday.

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