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SNOW:  As we've just been discussing, former Senator Bob Kerrey faced a scaling pack of reporters last week after admitting that his squad of Navy SEALs inadvertently killed as many as 20 Vietnamese civilians on the night of February 25, 1969.  

Now, there are plenty of questions about the circumstances of the tragedy, but the journalists at Thursday's press conference seemed less eager to find the truth than to prosecute.  Some peppered Kerrey with questions reminiscent of the jeers our men and women faced when they returned from Vietnam, about killing children and returning medals.  One scribe even relayed a question from anti-war activist Phillip Berrigan. 

This requires gall.  Kerrey and his buddies showed greater courage in the Mekong Delta than most of us are going to have to summon in the course of our entire lives.  They had to fight a war they weren't allowed to win in forbidding terrain against an enemy whose killers included women and children.  Then they came home to a country that treated them not with honor, but scorn. 

Kerrey handled this questioning with great composure, grace and maturity, which is more than we can say about the fevered coverage of a story whose truth only a handful of people ever will know. 

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