Partially Mummified Body of British Retiree Found After Two Years

British authorities have discovered the semi-mummified body of a reclusive retiree who died in his bed two years ago, the U.K.'s Daily Mail reported Thursday.

According to the Mail, police located the body of 70-year-old Brian Dean in his bedroom Wednesday after his neighbors voiced concerns over his welfare.

But when authorities checked the piles of mail left on his doormat, they discovered that he had been dead for two years before anyone noticed that he was missing, the Mail said.

Neighbors recalled Dean as being a recluse who had no children and had never married, the Mail reported.

There had been no initial cause for concern because Dean's utility bills were reportedly debited automatically from his bank account.

According to the Mail, a sign in Dean's front window requested that visitors use the rear entrance of the house, which was guarded with a large concrete wall and sturdy fences.

Sources told the Mail that the body was in a partially mummified condition.

Paul Gott — a local official in Dean's neighborhood who called police after neighbors finally expressed concern — told the Mail, "I hope that people will learn from this situation and make sure that they keep an eye on neighbors."

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