Paris vs. Britney in Perfume-Bottle Battle

It's the blonde leading the blonde ... and something smells tarty.

Two celebrity perfumes have arrived in time for the holidays and, depending on your tolerance for pop-tart culture, you'll love them, hate them or buy them as gag gifts.

In one corner, lifting her shoulder seductively, smiling — and occasionally showing us she's not wearing any underwear — is the always understated Paris Hilton (search).

Her new scent, cleverly called "Paris Hilton" (search), has notes of frozen apple, peach nectar and wet ozone, according to the New York Post.

The ad copy speaks for itself: "Now you have the opportunity to share a bit of the magic that is Paris Hilton."

In the other corner is Britney Spears' (search) new fragrance, "Curious" (search).

Itself a bit curious, the Post took a whiff and said Spears' "coquettish" new perfume should be called "Trailer Nights," and described it as having notes of Louisiana magnolia, golden Anjou pear and blond woods.

Both new fragrances are $49 for 3.4 oz.

In the blondes' bottle battle at department stores, the new Mrs. Federline is ahead by a nose: "Curious" has been a best-seller at Macy's since its debut months ago, the Post reported.

"Britney's smells clean — it's soft, not overwhelming," Tracy Norris, a 40-year-old mom shopping there with her daughter, Delaney, 9, told the Post. "I'd let my daughter wear it."

But after taking a whiff of celebutante Hilton's new fragrance, Norris said, "It's a little too strong. I'd maybe wear that one at night. It's not an everyday perfume."

Cindy Gallop, 44, snatched up six bottles of the Paris perfume this weekend, some for her little nieces who love the skinny Guess model, and some for girlfriends as a gag gift because they think she's "appalling."

"It smells exactly what I'd expect Paris Hilton to smell like," Gallop told the Post. "Overly sweet, overly strong and not at all subtle."

Celeb scents are a huge business — just ask J-Lo. Her "Glow" scent was such a hit she launched a follow-up called "Still."

Jessica Simpson's "Taste" tastes like white chocolate and coconut because husband Nick Lachey hated tasting perfume when he kissed her. And Beyoncé recently teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger to produce "True Star."

But one consumer, Amedeo Longo, isn't sold. The Canadian e-mailed "Fox and Friends Weekend" suggesting Britney and Paris sell a perfume gift set called "Dumb and Dumber."

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FOX News' Bill McCuddy and the New York Post's Jennifer Fermino contributed to this report.