Parents: Daughter's Suicide Attempt Not Tied to Internet Pact Deaths

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The parents of a girl who tried to hang herself do not believe her attempt is linked to the suicides of seven other teenagers in the same town.

A task force is being set up in Bridgend to investigate whether the deaths are related, amid rumors of an Internet suicide pact.

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Tina Phillips says she does not know why her daughter Leah tried to kill herself.

Leah could not remember anything about her suicide attempt last Friday, she told Sky News.

"When she first woke up and we told her why she was in intensive care, (she said) 'It wasn't me, I didn't do it,'" Phillips said. "That's all she remembers."

Although Leah's friend Natasha had recently killed herself, her mother said she had not appeared to be unduly affected.

"She wasn't upset before she went out. You know, still her old self, laughing and joking ... The next thing ... she was in the ambulance."

Struggling to hold back his tears, David Phillips told how he had found his daughter hanging on the stairs, saying: "I thought she was dead."

Tina Phillips said Leah had already taken an overdose a couple of months before, so she did not think her actions were linked to other suicides in the town.

Nor did she think it was part of an Internet pact, as she had no access to the Internet at home, only at school and friends' houses.

Breaking down, Tina Phillips said: "It's so hard because we want to understand ... but we can't because she can't ..... tell us anything."

Asked why there was the problem in Bridgend with young people trying to kill themselves, she said: "I honestly don't know."