Pam Anderson: Tommy Lee and I Not an Item

Pamela Anderson (search) wants to make it very clear that she and ex-husband Tommy Lee (search) are not an item again. She's just helping him drum up some publicity for his new reality show.

"Tommy Lee Goes to College" (search) debuts Aug. 16 on NBC.

The former Motley Crüe (search) drummer and Anderson had been acting affectionate toward each other in public recently, but Anderson said she was just helping out a member of the "family."

"Absolutely not, no. No truth to that at all," she told reporters recently when asked whether they were an item again. "Just trying to get him a little press for his new show."

"I don't know much about it. Haven't seen it," she added. "I'm endorsing him, which, yes, has been a problem in the past. He's family."

Anderson has her own show to publicize — the FOX sitcom "Stacked." New episodes of the show will start sometime after the World Series.