A Palestinian man managed to stow away in a wheel well of an airplane flying from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, prompting Malaysian officials to order a probe into how he breached security, reports said Sunday.

Osama R.M. Shublaq stunned the ground crew at Changi Airport when he fell out from the wheel well of the Singapore Airlines aircraft, a Boeing 777-200, shortly after it landed late Thursday, The Star, a Malaysian daily, reported in its online edition.

It said Shublaq was dizzy from a lack of oxygen after the 55-minute flight, but was otherwise unhurt. Shublaq was detained by Singaporean police and charged with entering the island illegally.

Malaysian Transport Minister Chan Kong Choy expressed dismay at the breach of security at Malaysia's main airport.

"I am very unhappy," Chan was quoted by The Star as saying. "Such an incident should not occur, as the airport area has tight security."

The government has ordered an investigation, Malaysian national news agency Bernama said. Chan and other transport ministry officials couldn't be reached for comment Sunday.