P. Diddy: Bush, Kerry Skipping Urban Areas

Sean "P. Diddy" Combs (search) is ready to play travel agent for the presidential candidates. During his swing state Vote or Die! (search) tour, the 34-year-old hip-hop mogul said he was disappointed President Bush and Democratic nominee John Kerry aren't stopping in urban areas during their campaigns.

"If you look at the campaign schedules, they're not making time for these people," Combs told The Associated Press Tuesday during a stop in Detroit.

He was in the midst of a six-city tour aimed at empowering minorities and young people to vote on Nov. 2, and had been joined by R&B crooner Mary J. Blige (search) and actor Leonardo DiCaprio (search).

Combs said both Bush and Kerry have used their daughters to reach young voters. Alexandra and Vanessa Kerry were guests Monday on MTV's "TRL," and Jenna and Barbara Bush have been stopping at college campuses on a Students for Bush tour. All four appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards to promote their fathers.

But Combs said it wasn't enough.

"I'm not knocking what their daughters are doing, but it ain't nothing like seeing the men themselves," Combs told the AP. "They're not going to send their daughters to talk to veterans."

Meanwhile, Combs says he has no political aspirations.

"I wouldn't want to stick to a schedule," he said. "I'd rather be seen as an activist or a revolutionary."