Overcoming Our Fears

Sometimes statistics don't really mean much.

That may seem crazy for me to say, being a business guy and all that. But on a day like today, statistics mean even less.

I know you're a thousand times more at risk in a car than on a plane. More apt to get hit crossing the street, than flying well above the street. More likely still to get stampeded at a concert than eliminated in a plane crash. It is precisely because they are so rare, plane crashes garner so much attention. Especially now. Especially with a nation in fear.

I'm not here to judge what brought American Airlines Flight 587 down — though all signs at least early on, point to some sort of mechanical failure. For the flying public, I don't think it matters. They're plain scared. But you can bet your bottom dollar it does to the people who run our airline industry.

Just as they were enticing people back into their planes, another reason for people to avoid them. Had this happened prior to September 11, it might have given people pause, but it likely wouldn't have given people panic.

Now, many say they won't fly.

I think that's a mistake. But a natural reaction.

Rallying public opinion is one thing. Overcoming their fears is quite another.

They'll fight the good fight. But today, that fight has become a lot tougher.

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