Out to Pasture

We are getting older and we are living longer. Neither should come as a shock. The fact that we live in a system that doesn't recognize either reality should though. Because in an age when many of us will live to a very advanced age, no advanced thinking on the programs that will support us and the bosses we hope will employ us.

Come to think of it, they're getting older too — so you'd think they'd be interested as well.

I read a study recently that said there's a good chance people living to be a hundred, or more won't be such an anomaly. In fact, it might become within just the next decade, increasingly common.

Imagine... 100 years old. Kind of makes a mandatory retirement age of 65 look silly, doesn't it? And youth-obsessed programming even sillier, doesn't it?

My point here is not to bemoan youth, but bemoan age-old biases that assume we're not getting much older.

We are. Yet we structure retirements for those who still have another half of their life yet to live. And so much knowledge and experience yet to share.

I say, if they're up to the task, let them stay at the task. Let them teach and nurture, and grow and learn.

In Japan, they respect the elderly. In America, we seem to dismiss them.

Bad move, because we're all getting old and I believe in karma. Those who dismiss have a funny way of some day being dismissed themselves.

Look in your soul. But first, look in the mirror.

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