Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

Diamond in the Rough

A Los Angeles taxi driver didn't give much thought to the small, zippered pouch that a passenger left in his cab as he got out at Los Angeles International Airport. He stashed the bag in the front of the car, then picked up and dropped off another passenger and clocked out for lunch. It was there that a friend opened the pouch and found dozens of diamonds inside — about $350,000 worth.

Luckily, there was also a cell phone bill. The driver dialed the phone number, got a hold of the owner who was still waiting for his plane and arranged to return all those diamonds, worth all that money.

The cabbie says his wife loves diamonds, but that keeping the loot never crossed his mind.

Gutless Vandal Attacks 'Gutsy Radish'

Tragedy has befallen a town in Japan after the city's prized vegetable came under attack. The giant white radish made headlines a few months ago after it was found growing through urban asphalt. Folks there gave it the nickname "gutsy radish."

We're told some of them were moved to tears when they found out this week that an unknown assailant decapitated "gutsy radish." The top half of the veggie was found nearby and was rushed to intensive care.

A town official says "gutsy radish" has been placed in water to try to keep it alive.

'Necking' with the Wrong Things

Modesto the giraffe is very lonely. But he's not helping his own cause. Zookeepers in Mexico are telling everyone to stay far away from Modesto because he's getting a little too friendly.

You see, Modesto badly needs a mate. So bad that he's sharing all the love that he has to give with just about anything. Zookeepers say Modesto has already spent quality time with a tree, a shed and a fence.

Needless to say, zookeepers are actively looking for an animate mate to keep Modesto busy.

Stupid Criminals

They had a lot of people fooled, including the Feds. In all, $160,000 in counterfeit cash ended up in the U.S. Treasury, in banks and in your pocket. But cops in Arizona are now on their tails. They've tracked down more than $50,000 in fake money.

The break in the case came when two of the accused crooks took a printer to the repair shop. Cops say it was jammed with phony bills. Ten people are now behind bars.

Buyer Beware

It's a prime piece of lakeside property in southwest Indiana. And it only costs $1500. The problem is it's only one square inch. At that price, an acre of land would cost $7 billion.

County officials are trying to sell the surrounding property, but they don't know how to get rid of the deed — a deed for a plot of land about the size of a stamp. They aren't sure how it happened. But they think the tiny piece of land was deeded to someone in the 60s when people had to own property to enjoy the lake.