Out-of-the-Ordinary NewsFor the Week of May 29

Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

Friday, June 2:

Pretty Sure He's Dead Now...

The driver of a hearse was fixing a flat tire when a taxi slammed into the car sending the body flying out onto the road. And if that wasn't enough, another car came along and ran it over.

Now police are trying to figure out if they should even bother filing homicide charges against the taxi driver... since the victim was already dead.

Tuesday, May 30:

Don't 'Skip' This...

It's a jump rope for the clumsy — for those with two left feet who have the vertical leap of a slug but still need to exercise and lose some weight. It’s a jump rope without the rope. All that’s left? Just two handles.

The inventor has received a patent for it from the United States government. He says it still works because of weights in the handles that simulate the motion. The man, who works as a laundry coordinator in a state prison also says he hopes to sell a few there where ropes are considered a suicide risk and the ceiling fans are too low.

Wednesday, May 31:

To Catch a Supermarket Thief...

Usually you don't want to find out what a creepy guy in a supermarket has under his "raincoat." But in this case cops were a little suspicious because every time he went in he seemed to gain a little weight. And the "smoked ham" aisle lost a little.

Turns out the ham-burglar has been nabbed 10 times over the past decade for the same thing. Always stealing hams — two at a time. He's also been arrested for stealing frozen shrimp, spareribs and bananas. And to wash it down, a six pack of "Colt 45."