Out-of-the-Ordinary NewsFor the Week of May 1

Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

Cash From Above

He's on a winning streak that no one can explain. An 81-year-old Iowa man has hit three scratch-off jackpots in the past year. The odds are still close to impossible to overcome, even though he drops $200 a week on them. But not if you have an angel on your shoulder.

He says the winning streak started when his wife passed away. ''Till death do you part' doesn't apply here. He says she bugged him for years to stop wasting all of his money on those stupid things, but she might have had a change of heart on the other side. Now the retired John Deere mechanic is $81,000 richer.

Bride of the Century

A lonely 33-year-old guy finally found the perfect woman, and he's getting married to someone he calls his best friend. He says she's smart and caring. You could also say she's wise beyond her years. But that's close to impossible... because she's 104 years old.

A tabloid paper in Malaysia says that this marriage will be her 21st. No word on if any of those ex-hubbies are still alive. The new hubby says he felt bad that she was childless, old and alone.

Still not sure how he plans to fix the first two things on that list.

Losing 'Streak'

They love their soccer in Europe. You've seen the riots and fans rushing the field, and some of them jumping the gates and running around wearing nothing but a smile.

Now, one month before the start of the World Cup, a judge in Germany says those streakers are going to pay. He says they're liable for fines issued against the team, some as high as $24,000.

A group of streakers argued that it's the teams' fault because its security wasn't good enough. The judge compared that to stealing and then blaming the store for not protecting the goods.