Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

Dead Man Walking

When Raju Raghuvanshi was released from prison last month the people in his Indian village locked their doors. Not because he's an ex-con, but because he may be dead. They're not sure.

According to The Times of India, while in jail Raju was admitted to a hospital with stomach problems. He was fine but someone told his relatives that he had died. So when he walked back into town we're told the children screamed and his family ran away.

Now the village council has demanded Raju prove he's not a ghost. No word on how he might do that or what happens to him if he can't.

Bird Spills Beans

A woman in England cheating on her boyfriend got busted — by his pet parrot. Every time her phone rang the bird would say "Hi, Gary!" Trouble was, her boyfriend's name was Chris.

The last straw came one night when the parrot blurted out "I love you, Gary!" The woman couldn't take it any more and confessed the affair. She's now an ex-girlfriend. And the parrot is now an ex-pet.

The jilted owner said he had to give the bird away because he couldn't handle the constant reminders.