Out-of-the-Ordinary NewsFor the Week of August 15

Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

Better Workout?

Is your gym membership just making your wallet thinner? Have you tried it all — the weight training, the step classes, yoga? Well you might want to find out if your gym offers yodeling.

A study from an Austrian university says yodeling is actually healthier than jogging and yoga. According to research, it relieves stress and gives the lungs a healthy workout. Many places in Austria are now giving yodeling lessons. And tourism officials say they're booked solid. The classes are so popular that they are now offering an online yodeling class in six languages.

'Family Jewels'

A pair of thieves thought they were an easy target: two elderly women living together in Lithuania, one 93-years-old and the other 85. So the thieves rang the bell, barged in and attacked the two ladies. But one of them didn't act very lady-like. She fought back. And instead of taking the jewels, the robber got it right in the "family jewels."

Police say the older of the two women grabbed 'em and started to squeeze like she's never squeezed before. You see, she's from the old school — a former military washer. So she had quite a grip. She said the 25-year-old guy "squealed like an animal." Both the thieves were caught when they tried to take off.

Salty 'Dogs'

You've probably seen hot dog stands on the streets of your town. Affectionately known as "dirty water dogs" here in the Big Apple. You may have even seen vendors on the move, in trucks or carrying them up and down the isles in the ballpark. Well now you can "Get your hot dogs!" on the high seas.

A 16-year-old hot dog vendor is making the rounds off of Maine's coast on a 25-foot floating hot dog stand. The dogs go for $2 a pop. On a good day, he'll pull in $200. His mom says she set it up to give him a lesson in business. And he's already got payroll expenses. The co-pilot gets $7/hour. Relish that thought.

Sugar 'High'

She scaled England's highest mountain — a 3200-foot high summit — leaving her fellow hikers in the dust. She was fueled by plenty of chocolate cookies and wearing a diaper. This explorer is reportedly only two-years-old and believed to be the youngest person ever to scale the mountain.

Her parents said they planned to carry her during the voyage, but the kid was on a sugar high and just kept on going.