Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

Food for Thought

Rufus is hungry. Poor guy just wants something to eat. So he sits patiently every day in a restaurant parking lot in Idaho waiting for generous customers to come out and offer him their leftovers.

Rufus will pretty much eat anything: French fries, grapes, sunflower seeds. But he'll pass on broccoli. Rufus doesn't actually go into the restaurant, not just because he can't pay, but also because he doesn't want to become the next meal.

You see, Rufus is a bird — a wild turkey. He's been around since last Thanksgiving, and he's hoping to make it through turkey hunting season this month so he can be around in November.

Donkeys Better Than Wives?

Teachers often get in trouble for what they teach kids in class, but some schools in India might be getting a lot of calls from students' mothers.

A textbook meant for 14 year olds compares donkeys to housewives, suggesting that the animals are a little bit better because donkeys complain less, make better companions and you'll never catch a donkey being disloyal to his master.

Women weren't the only ones singled out. The same chapter also compares donkeys to politicians, calling the animal "thick skinned."

The education department claims the comparisons were all made in good fun.