Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

Strippers and Shakespeare

They're used to "performing" in front of the camera. But can they act?

Call it a cross between "American Idol" and "Debbie Does Dallas." A new reality series will cast porn stars in a dramatic play to be put on in London's ritzy West End. The show will be on FOX's reality cable network.

The participants will first get a crash course in acting that doesn't involve the pizza delivery guy. The series is called "My Bare Lady."

The Card That Keeps on Giving

A guy in Texas really liked the birthday card he got from his brother, but it looked strikingly familiar. That's because he's already seen it — more than 40 times. He's gotten that card for every birthday since 1965.

It started as a joke. He sent it to his brother. His brother sent it back, recycled, each year with another little message attached.

The card is now six pages long and packed with birthday wishes that are worth much more than the 15 cents he paid for the card back in the day.

Field Trip Letdown

Four busloads of kids traveled four hours, every second in anticipation of one heck of a field trip. They were on their way to Six Flags Marine World in California.

What were they going to do first? Maybe brunch with bugs. Or maybe scream their heads off on "Medusa" before they eat. But they didn't get the chance to do anything because when they got there, the gates were locked, the park was closed and there was no moose there to tell them. Somehow the school didn't know this.

The bus company says the next trip is on them. Maybe they should all go to Florida. They can't close the state of Florida.

Hot Dog

She's a diva, a socialite and probably the only one who takes pride in her wrinkles. Meet Hannah.

Hannah was just named the most beautiful bulldog in all the land. She buttered up the judges at Drake University in Iowa by wearing a school cheerleader outfit and beat out 49 other pups to be named the best in show.

Hannah will now go on to be the school's mascot, even though she's more interested in burying the crown than wearing it.

Disturbing the 'Peace'

A German woman was fined by police for taking a cross-country road trip with her mom. She wasn't speeding. She wasn't reckless. The only problem was mom was asleep, as in the big sleep.

Mom passed away of natural causes at the ripe, old age of 90. Police say the woman didn't want to pay for mortuary transportation costs, so she put mom in the back seat without a seat belt and made it almost 300 miles before she was caught.

The woman was charged with disturbing the "peace."