Oscar Winners: Where Are They Now?

Winning an Oscar is supposed to be like taking steroids for an actor's career.

But sometimes, it doesn't quite work out that way.

For every Hilary Swank, the then-unknown actress whose 2000 win for "Boys Don't Cry" led to a second win in 2004 for "Million Dollar Baby," there is an Adrien Brody, whose 2003 win for "The Pianist" led to, well, um, err...

You get the picture.

We have gathered the past 10 winners in the four major Academy Award categories to see which actors have thrived post-Oscar, and for whom winning the Oscar was the beginning of the end.

The Last 10 Best Actor Winners

The Last 10 Best Actress Winners

The Last 10 Best Supporting Actor Winners

The Last 10 Best Supporting Actress Winners

Remember Charlize Theron? Roberto Benigni? Catherine Zeta-Jones? Kevin Spacey?

Some of them have great excuses for scaling back their careers post-Oscar, but others, well, what happened?