The Osbournes, the reality sitcom about rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his colorful family life, is officially the biggest hit series in MTV's 21-year history.

Just under 6.3 million people watched last Tuesday's episode, up from 6 million the week before as the series continues to grow.

No MTV series even cultural touchstones like Beavis & Butt-Head and Real World has reached such heights. MTV has been trying to take advantage of the hit, playing series episodes 15 times a week.

The Osbournes has pushed aside professional wrestling as cable television's biggest show, according to Nielsen Media Research.

MTV has prepared three more original episodes before its season ends. But it may try to use footage to create up to three additional ones.

Every additional viewer just improves Osbourne's negotiating position. MTV is talking to the family about filming another season's worth of shows, but the Osbournes are reportedly concerned about tourists at their California home and may film part of a new season in their second home in England.