Oprah, Mariah Carey and Yoga Tricks of The Stars

Oprah, Mariah Carey and Yoga tricks of the stars are in the bright tantric glare of The Foxlight.

Stop asking Oprah about getting married. She says she and steady Stedman Graham are just fine - and that they might not still be together if they had gotten married years ago. She also told Larry King on Tuesday night that America doesn't want her married - they just want to see a big wedding. As for children, Oprah says her "eggs are too old" - but she doesn't rule out adoption.

First the good news for Mariah Carey - "Loverboy" is certified gold. However, the single probably sold a half million copies because her label dropped the price to 49 cents.  Apparently, this news wasn't enough to bring Mariah out of the house for Barbara Walters - their one-on-one interview scheduled for next week has been canceled.    

Special trailers and personal assistants aren't the only perks that actors enjoy. Eddie Kaye Thomas got to attend a two-day seminar on tantric sex to research his role in American Pie 2. In the movie, Thomas' character Finch studies tantric sex to impress his friend Stifler's mom. Thomas learned how to have an orgasm in his pinkie, his hair and pretty much anywhere in his body. I'm sure they're already writing that into American Pie 3.