One Year Mark in Natalee Holloway Mystery

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Tuesday marks one year since Natalee Holloway went to Carlos 'n Charlie's, left the bar and vanished. We have some special interviews to show you tonight. In anticipation of the one-year anniversary, we took a day trip with our video and still cameras on Friday to her home in Mountain Brook, Alabama.

At her home — besides taking pictures that are posted today — we interviewed Natalaee's friends. You will see those interviews tonight. Two of the friends had been with her in Aruba and I was struck by what they thought when they first heard Natalee had missed her flight.

Natalee's friends' lives have changed much in this year: They went from essentially childhood to adulthood. They were high schoolers one year ago and now they have a year of college under their belts. It is obvious that Natalee's friends are close to Beth — and Beth to them.

We walked around Natalee's house with Beth and Natalee's friends, including going into Natalee's bedroom. Her bedroom reflects that transition from childhood to adulthood — there were lots of little Wizard of Oz dolls in contrast with her newly purchased adult dresses for her expected August sorority rush parties. There are pictures of her room posted.

Some have written me that maybe Natalee is a runaway but that is doubtful. She has a calendar hanging on her closet door — shown in one of the pics — with many plans in the future. With so many plans, why would she runaway? Plus, she was 18 when she vanished and she did not need to runaway — she could do what she wanted.

We went to Alabama on Friday because Beth did not want to be there on the actual anniversary of her disappearance — May 30. Beth wanted to try and get away and she did. As you might imagine, this is a particularly bad time for Beth. She has a good "game face" on TV, but in private she grieves as any parent would.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Great Friday show. You really put the whole thing back in perspective. Trying to keep up with some of the escapades of the keystone cops lead by an incompetent prosecutor who more than likely has been directed to make it look good and, for God's sake, don't pin the tail on my donkey son or his friends. There is more than likely some other underlying situation going on, such as slave traders hooked up with drugs. I honestly don't believe Natalee is dead, but as someone said, she is not on the island. Colombians have a big foothold in prostitution on all those islands. I hope that I am wrong about my feelings, because it would be a horrible life for her. I can also say that even though you and FOX have kept the spotlight burning, the money people are still in control. Call me crazy.
George Hreha
Alexandria, OH

E-mail No. 2

Enjoyed your special Friday night on Natalee. My question is about the FBI: We all keep wondering what the police know in Aruba, but has the FBI given the family anything? Didn't the police share their findings with the FBI? Also, what about the chaperones? Were they ever looked at? Please don't let them put Lewis to sleep.
Greenville, SC

E-mail No. 3

I have tried to watch every program available on the Holloway case and you have done an exceptional job in keeping the public informed. I have one question and that is: I have not heard any one address the issue of who is paying for all of these top notch defense attorneys in the case of ALL these young men who have appeared before the court. Every one has one of the best hired guns available. Do you intend to bring any of this out in your reporting or does this pose a problem in finding out who is paying their fees?
Keep up the good work.
Thank you,
Mr. Criss Corallino

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