One of Those Nights

Dear Viewers,

Have you ever had "one of those days?" Well... from the e-mails below, you will see that I did and it manifested itself on our show Tuesday night. The show attracted lots of e-mails -- and many about the same thing (see below). I remain grateful to these viewers who wrote in and I promise to fix the problem. I greatly appreciate the corrections. We had greatly hoped to help the authorities find the young woman missing in North Dakota by airing a segment about her mysterious disappearance from her job at Victoria's Secret in a mall in North Dakota. Instead, we may have "complicated" matters.

I do hope that anyone watching the segment and who has information to help find her is a bit "smarter" than apparently we were... ugh... read on:

No. 1

Just finished watching news on Greta's show and the alert phone number listed at end of story has the wrong area code. Fox had 710... should be 701. Please check into this. Thanks.

No. 2

Watched your show at approx. 0230 on Wednesday morning 26 November 2003 you ran the piece about the missing girl in North Dakota and than ran a phone # for people to call with any information. The area code you showed was 710, I live in Grand Forks and the area code is 701 I just thought you should know that so you can fix it as soon as you can before phone calls start coming in

No. 3

In the search for Dru, please check and recheck your tipline number for the Grand Forks Sheriff's office - THE AREA CODE FOR NORTH DAKOTA IS 701! NOT 710 AS YOU HAD LISTED! All of us in the Upper Midwest are watching this case anxiously but a call can't be made with the wrong number! Please correct this mistake ASAP!

I must also confess, the above three e-mails are not the total number of e-mails correcting us. There were dozens...

Incidentally, the wrong area code was not the only problem - apparently - with our graphics Tuesday night. Read on:

No. 4

Thank you Greta and your panel. I have gotten used to you and really enjoy listening to you each night. Every time you show Nola Foulston, Sedgwick County DA of Wichita Kansas, you show a map of Arizona with a star on Tucson. Would you please change the map to Kansas.
Thanks for your hard work!

I don't know if this viewer is right, but I thought I should post this for your thoughts. I will pull our tape from Tuesday night's live show and check it out.

Finally, an e-mail to show that not all is bad in our mailbox today:

No. 5

You are the best women in broadcast news. I absolutely love your style. Will you marry me?

I responded that I am flattered by this e-mail - although I am happily married.


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