One Injured After Shooting at University of Arkansas

A student was injured in a shooting Wednesday on a campus parking lot at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, a school spokeswoman said.

UALR spokeswoman Joan Duffy said shots were fired at 2:10 p.m. in a parking lot behind University Theatre and Stabler Hall.

"One person has been injured and is being treated by medical personnel," she said.

A male believed by investigators to be a student was accosted by two other men and shot, Duffy said. The injured man made it on foot it across to the parking lot in front of the University Theater, where ambulance attendants reached him to administer emergency care and take him to a hospital.

Police were unsure of a motive in the attack, she said.

Duffy said two suspects fled in a gold Chevy Malibu and were last seen driving away on University Avenue. Authorities were interviewing people who may have seen or heard something.

Campus police declined to comment.

Duffy said students, faculty and staff were notified of the shooting by an automated emergency e-mail and phone system.

The university sent the e-mail and phone messages to students and faculty about 2:30 p.m. alerting them to the shooting. Duffy said they sent a second message shortly afterward telling students and faculty that the police believed the suspects had left campus and that the student had been taken to a local hospital.

Duffy said officials had just tested the system last week.

At the scene, police were interviewing tennis players on a nearby court. Yellow police tape was up in part of a parking lot by the theater and a nearby street.