Once Again, the Clintons are Absolved...

Once again, the Clintons are absolved.  U.S. Attorney James Comie says no charges will be filed by the Justice Department in the New Square, N.Y., vote-buying case.

Here is the background.  The tiny town of New Square gave Hillary Clinton 1,400 votes as opposed to just 12 for her opponent in Mrs. Clinton's senatorial campaign.  That is unprecedented in New York State.

One month later, one of the leaders of the town, Rabbi David Twersky, was granted a 45-minute audience with President Clinton, and Mrs. Clinton attended that meeting.

One month after that, President Clinton reduced the sentences of four New Square criminals who were convicted in federal court of defrauding the United States of $30 million.

As always, Mr. Clinton says there was no quid pro quo, and Mrs. Clinton says publicly she knows nothing about the case even after attending the meeting with the rabbi.

So once again, we have a ton of unexplained questions and no answers.

Now, I don't object that the Justice Department did not prosecute. I haven't seen the evidence. But I strenuously object to James Comie, a Bush appointee, not explaining the decision in general terms. In the beginning of this case, Mary Jo White, Comie's predecessor, says she couldn't comment on the case because it was under investigation.

At the end of the case, the same "no comment" rule applies. This is outrageous. As we have demonstrated on The Factor, the Justice Department has the legal right to explain the general outline of any case. And because we're paying for these investigations, they have a moral obligation to do so.

But John Ashcroft has carried on in the same tradition that Janet Reno perfected: stonewall, don't tell the American people anything about investigations that concern them.

What do we know about Chinese money flowing to the DNC [Democratic National Committee] during the Clinton administration? What do we know about Wen Ho Lee?  What do we know about New Square? And what will we know about the Marc Rich pardon investigation?

The answer to all the above questions is, nothing. This is another example of the powerful protecting each other and the American people getting shafted.

Once again, maybe the Clintons did nothing wrong here, it's possible. But the facts of the case are disturbing, and the authorities owe us an explanation.

Talking Points is sick and tired of unequal justice protection for the powerful and not for the rest of us.

This case has an odor that gets worse with every no comment. Hey, John Ashcroft, let's have a little sunshine, shall we?

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

It is well known inside show biz circles that actor Russell Crowe is a wild kind of guy.  And now there's videotape to prove it...a video from a nightclub where a highly agitated Crowe is doing all kinds of highly agitated stuff. Uh-oh. The tape is part of a case where two men are charged with trying to extort money from the actor. And there's a little brawl going on there, but the prosecutor in the case has told the court that Crowe appeared to have started the drunken brawl you are now witnessing.

Obviously, drunken brawls are ridiculous and everybody knows that, except Russell Crowe.

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