On the Ropes

A lot of Dems think they have George W. Bush on the ropes. They think he has lost the confidence of the American people on the war, they think he has lost the forbearance of the American people on his inability to articulate — to sell — the reasons for hanging-in in Iraq.

September is going to be interesting in this regard.

For the past three years, President Bush has led American public opinion, and incurred the wrath of world public opinion for speeches he has made to the United Nations General Assembly at the opening of a new U.N. session.

He warned the world that war was coming in his U.N. speech three years ago.

He justified the war in retrospect in his U.N. speech two years ago.

Last year he was still justifying, promising an Iraqi election — which did happen in January of this year.

So now he comes to the U.N. with not only the world certain the Iraq venture was a wretched failure and misbegotten American over reaching but, also, you may have noticed the American people seem to have lost their ardor for the war.

But as is customary, Bush will once again speak to the U.N. General Assembly. This year it's September 17.

Now get out your calendars and join me in looking at the stars lining up.

Bush speaks September 17, a Saturday.

Virtually nothing else that happens at the U.N. before that day ever makes the news.

But this year it's a Bubba year at the United Nations.

Bill Clinton is launching his Clinton global initiative that very week. He has Tony Blair and Kofi Annan (search) and King Abdullah (search) and Madeline Albright (search) and Shimon Peres (search) and Robert Rubin (search). Sounds like the VIP section at the Stones concern, doesn't it? And they're all gathering around Bubba to "tackle poverty, climate change, religious conflict and governance," for starters, while George W. Bush is coming to town to justify again something they all hate.

It's the ultimate in one-upsmanship. With Bill out in front being the rock star and the collateral benefits falling on his wife, the wannabe president.

Bush is going to hit New York and give a speech and unless he comes up with a barn burner, no one's going to notice.

Because that week is going to be owned by Bubba.

You watch.

That's My Word.

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