I've often complained that we're well on our way to be coming a nanny state.

That as soon as things hit the fan, we tend to hit Washington for help.

And our politicians hit us with handouts.

Can't pay your mortgage? Maybe the government can.

Can't pay your gas bill? Maybe the government can force oil companies to help pay it for you.

And on and on.

We're told the government will save us.

What we're not told is what its good intentions will cost us.

Take national healthcare.

I'm all for providing affordable health coverage, as long as it's not corrupt coverage.

Take this news today of FBI agents raiding three southern California hospitals for potential Medicare fraud.

Apparently the hospitals were reportedly recruiting homeless people to fraudulently bill government health care programs for millions of dollars.

And for services either never performed or unnecessary in the first place.

This might have involved thousands of homeless people, folks all of whom were reportedly recruited, i.e., picked up off the streets, then hospitalized and treated for ailments they didn't have, then discharged in remarkably similar ways, and all part of a long-running scheme to bilk Medicare and other programs out of millions of dollars.

And all this barely a month after a separate probe found $93 million in fraudulent Medicare claims for wheelchairs and drugs based on prescriptions from dead doctors, and get this...doctors who had been dead ten years or more!

This is all pre-national healthcare, folks. What do you think happens when it goes big-time?

How much do you think it will cost then? How much more fraud? How much more dead doctor prescriptions?

And this is the cure?

Please, someone, anyone, show me the disease!

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