On Good Friday, a Good Story With a Sad Ending

This being Good Friday, a good story, but one that has a sad ending.

I want to tell you about my friend Ellen.

She loves Easter.

Loves everything about Easter.

Coloring the eggs with her grandkids.

Wearing crazy Easter bonnets. Yeah, she loves them.

Loves dressing up.

And cooking a big meal on the big day.

And sharing it all with what I guess is a very big family.

A family gathering that will be even bigger this year.

Even distant relatives coming to her home.

Because this Easter is special.

It will be Ellen's last.

You see, Ellen has colorectal cancer.

And it's bad.

She's been given only months to live.

At first when she got the news, she was shocked, then angry, then after numerous rounds of treatment and even experimental therapies that failed, Ellen was resigned to her fate and not about to complain to anyone about her fate.

She told her kids, who this Easter are gathering their kids, to spend one last Easter with the granny.

From what Ellen tells me, those kids have some issues.

One daughter's husband just lost his job, another son's behind on his mortgage.

But their problems in life seem small now compared to Ellen's now.

So they gather to reflect on what they have that matters.

And the little stuff that in the scheme of things does not.

After all, Ellen's not complaining.

And all she's demanding this one last Easter, is that they do the same.

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