Oklahoma Car Salesman Drugged, Carjacked on Test Drive

A used car salesman was carjacked and drugged during a test drive and then dumped south of Bixby, Okla., where he used a police car's radio to call for help, police said.

The salesman, from Tulsa United Motor Sales had ridden along on a test drive about 5 p.m. Tuesday with two men who told him they intended to pay cash for a 2000 Cadillac Escalade, Tulsa Police Sgt. Glenn Uhren said.

During the drive, the two men tied up the salesman with his shirt, forced him to take several unidentified pills and dropped him off in a field, Sgt. Tim Bracken said.

The salesman then managed to get into a police car that was parked outside the home of a Tulsa police officer and called for help over the police radio, Uhren said. No one was home at the residence, Bracken said.

"Everybody was able to recognize that it was a civilian — not an officer — on the radio," Uhren said.

The man was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, where he was being monitored because of the pills he had ingested, Bracken said.

Police described the men who stole the SUV as Hispanic and in their 20s. They both were about 5-foot-6- to 5-foot-9-inches tall with medium builds.

Both men were wearing baseball caps and long, khaki shorts. One was wearing a white shirt with blue vertical stripes, police said.

The Cadillac bears Oklahoma license plate 438-ZBL, police said.