Oil-for-Food Stonewall? Cover-Up, or Covering the Bases?

The former head of the United Nation's beleaguered oil-for-food program surfaced and said that he is willing to cooperate with investigators.

Benon Sevan, one of several top U.N. officials accused of receiving kickbacks from Saddam Hussein's government, ran the program for seven years but he went on vacation after the corruption and bribery scandal first broke.

Oil-for-Food Stonewall? Cover-Up, or Covering the Bases?

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An UNBELIEVABLE cover-up – with unprecedented cooperation and for the sake of transparency, our president and his advisors revealed confidential information regarding sensitive briefings and national security. Now Kofi Annan stonewalls and claims confidentiality regarding business contracts?!  I wish that the public/media would pressure the UN with the same vigor with which they pursued Condi Rice.  Somehow I don’t think that Mr. Annan and his colleagues would answer with the same candor and clarity.
Darien, CT

Mr Annan is particularly suspect since it is impossible to believe as the head of such an organization (the U.N.) he claims never to have questioned how the program was operating. And what about his son in all this? The whole thing stinks.
Of course they all were against removing Sadaam! It meant an end to the stolen wealth and exposition as well. It is time for Mr. Annan to be removed and be held responsible.
L. Georges
Greenwich, CT

We need to organizes a protest on the UN, (like the million man march, pro life ),too let them know that it needs to come clean. If they don't want to come clean, move somewhere else like France, Russia or Germany. Set a date and I will be there!!
Flip M.
Brooklyn, NY

I am a Staff Sergeant in the Army, and have had the "pleasure" of working under the UN before the Kosovo flare up and interacting with them while in Baghdad. I'm not trying to slam them, but this is the most dysfunctional, disjointed, mismanaged organization I have ever dealt with in 19 years in the military. I'm not so sure this is an intentional cover up. As you commented, the SECGEN was visibly shocked by Tim Russert's revalation. I think they are trying to just give themselves a buffer to figure out who is connected with what, so that they may reveal things without embarrasing themselves further. The true disorganization of this farce is finally coming out, and not a moment too soon. I enjoy my coffee and your show immensely in the morning, and you can trust, that your network is the network choice for news in the U.S. Army, and I would bet the rest of the armed forces as well. Keep up the good work.
SSG John S.
Fort Polk, LA

Either the UN comes clean and prosecutes the offenders or it's time to cancel the lease on the joint!
Pam B.
Norfolk, VA

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