Ohio Day Care Worker Gets Six Months in Jail for Throwing Child

An Ohio day care employee caught on videotape throwing a child across a room was sentenced to 180 days in jail Tuesday, Fox 8 in Cleveland reported.

Surveillance video taken in March captured Marva Moore picking up a toddler at the Nickilodeon Child Care Center in North Randall, Ohio, and flinging him near a wall before dragging him out of the room.

Click here to watch the surveillance video at Fox 8 Cleveland.

The child, identified only as Dupree, suffered minor injuries to his face and was taken to the hospital, Fox 8 reported.

Moore was convicted in October of endangering children. Cuyahoga County Common Please Judge Hollie Gallagher sentenced her to six months in jail on Tuesday.

Moore also was slapped with a $200 fine and is banned for life from working in the child care industry.

"The strangest thing I find about the whole case is that you picked up Dupree like he was a pair of shoes at someone's house that you had to walk over and you threw them," Fox 8 quoted Judge Gallagher telling Moore. "There was nothing leading up to it."

During sentencing, Moore apologized to the toddler's mother, saying she did not intend to hurt the child.

But the mom, Melissa Mitchell, said there is no excuse.

"It's unacceptable," she told Fox 8. "A day care is supposed to protect your children. I took him in to protect him and I expected that from them and they didn't do it. He's emotionally struggling with that."