Ohio Dad Put Daughter in Dryer and Turned It On, Police Say

An Ohio father is facing a felony charges for allegedly putting his 7-year-old daughter in the dryer, closing the door and turning it on, Fox8.com reported.

Prosecutors told the Cleveland station after the girl told her school teacher her dad put her in the dryer, the school contacted children's services and charges were filed.

"There's no explaining this type of activity, why any individual would place any human being or any animal or anything in a dryer is unexplainable and to a normal thinking person, there's no explanation and obviously this man has issues," said Mike O'Malley, first assistant to Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason. "If you're capable of putting your child in a clothes dryer you're probably capable of a lot of horrible things."

Prosecutors say it wasn't the first time the girl, who has a condition that stunts her growth, was put in the dryer, Fox8.com reported.

Steve McClairin faces two counts of endangering children, felonious assault, kidnapping and domestic violence. He faces up to 33 years behind bars.

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