Ohio Boy Given H1N1 Vaccine Against Mom's Wishes

A furious Ohio mother says her 7-year-old son, who has had problems with medications, was vaccinated for swine flu at school against her wishes.

Kim Lutheran works as a nurse and says her son, Matthew, has had bad reactions to medicine. So, she says she signed for "no consent" on a vaccination form and then circled her intentions with a black marker to make things clear to the boy's public school in the Toledo suburb of Oregon.

Lutheran says she learned Matthew still received a shot on Monday. She says the local health department must be held accountable.

Deputy Health Commissioner Larry Vasko says his agency has responded by changing the consent forms, telling parents not to sign or return them if they do not want their children vaccinated.

Lutheran told the Toledo Blade that her son was sent back to his classroom after handing in his no consent form, only to sent back to the nurse's office a short time later where he was given the H1N1 Vaccine.

"He got sent back again by himself into strange room with these strange people," she told the newspaper. "Supposedly three people looked at this piece of paper before he went to the R.N. who gave him the immunization. ... He's 7. He didn't know."

Matthew did not have a reaction to the vaccine.

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