What am I supposed to think of John Edwards? (search)

Is he a trial lawyer (search) who exploited the system cynically and amassed an ill-gotten multi-million dollar fortune? Or is he a guy who fights for the forgotten and the discarded people in our society and make the corporations and doctors who did them wrong pay till it hurts?

You make the judgment on the question based on your view of trial lawyers: Are they driving your health care costs up and your doctor out of town, or are they holding the negligent to account?

What I do know for sure is an odd turn of phrase when I hear one. And Edwards made a mantra out of the oddest turn of phrase last night: "Hope is on the way." He even got the audience sing-songing along with him.

It is, of course, a reference back to Dick Cheney's (search) speech in 2000 when he promised Americans “help” is on the way. But beyond that, it is a weird phrasing.

Edwards is promising me that hope is on the way? Sorry, I'm up to my eyeballs in hope. I need some real help.

Hope is something most people got a ton of. It's help they need.

So does Edwards think the American people have gotten so down on their luck that they are even bereft of hope?

A prisoner serving life has hope.

An earthquake could knock down the walls, but you need real help if you're serious about an escape.

And what does it say about the guy who is promising to deliver hope, that it's on the way? It says all he's promising is hope: Buckets of hope. Truckloads of hope.

You want real results? You got hope, buddy. And that's all you're getting.

That's My Word.

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