Octuplets' Mom: No One Can Care for 14 Kids Alone

The Southern California mother of octuplets who already had six other children says she's done having babies.

In an NBC "Dateline" interview aired Tuesday night, 33-year-old Nadya Suleman says the octuplets were a sign from God that she should stop having children.

Click here for photos of the octuplets.

Suleman also says she dreams of going back to her old life, before she had the octuplets on Jan. 26 and endured a firestorm of criticism and media frenzy.

Divorced and unemployed, Suleman told anchor Ann Curry that she still intends to go back to school and finish her master's degree.

Suleman says she'll support her children with student loans until she can find a job as a counselor after graduating in a year or two.

Suleman says she's "not living off taxpayer money," but that she has been receiving about $490 worth of aid to buy groceries.

She told NBC television in an interview broadcast Wednesday that her family receives no cash from the government and that the food stamps she's been receiving for 18 months are "not affiliated with welfare."

The government's grocery vouchers for the needy are commonly called food stamps and are a form of welfare. It was not immediately clear what distinction Suleman was making.

Responding to her mother's claim that she is incapable of caring for her new family, Suleman said: "What human on this planet is capable to take care of 14 independently without support from family, from friends, from church? No human is."