October 22 & 23

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Deadly! Destructive! Within striking distance! Hurricane Wilma (search) is on a collision path with Florida and residents are packing up and heading out in hopes of evading the catastrophic 'cane. What’s the fallout for this storm-battered region? It’s one of the most powerful hurricanes ever — and as she barrels towards the Gulf Coast (search) we’re tracking her every move!

And, we’ll have new details in the bizarre slaying of Pamela Vitale (search). Cops have tied a teen ‘Goth’ loner to her grisly murder but did he really commit this vicious crime? Is the killer still at large? And, is it possible that Vitale’s husband, high-profile attorney Daniel Horowitz (search), knew her alleged killer? We’ll talk to family friend Ivan Golde about the mysterious murder.

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