Obama Sends Gitmo Detainee Packing

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Free as a Bird

President Obama is beginning to move forward with the closing of Guantanamo Bay, but at what cost to our national security?

On Monday, Binyam Mohamed — a suspected Al Qaeda terrorist — was transferred from U.S. custody to British authorities. Mohamed was detained at Gitmo since 2004 and had been accused of plotting to attack subway trains in the United States with a dirty bomb. Prior to his capture, he reportedly attended Al Qaeda training camps, receiving light arms and explosives training. He also met with the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Despite this rap sheet, the British have said that he will not be arrested when he returns to his hometown in England, instead he will only be subjected to "surveillance." This unsettling news comes just days removed from the release of a Pentagon report that says Guantanamo Bay is — after all of President Obama's blustering accusations — in compliance with the Geneva Conventions.

The president requested this report and, despite its findings, the release of Binyam Mohamed could indicate that Obama is more interested in keeping the political promise he made to the left rather than doing what's right for the national security of this country.

There Ya' Go, Joe!

Monday afternoon Obama addressed the National Governors Association. He told them about some plans he has for the vice president, but he wasn't totally straightforward with them. And for that, he's getting our Liberal Translation treatment:


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: And that's why I'm announcing today that I'm asking my vice president, Joe Biden, to oversea our administration's implementation efforts. Beginning this week Joe will meet regularly with key members of my Cabinet to make sure our efforts are not just swift, but also efficient and effective.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: This oversight committee has been specially created to GET JOE BIDEN OFF MY BACK!

OBAMA: Joe is also going to work closely with you, our nation's governors, as well as our mayors, and everyone else involved in this effort to keep things on track.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: He's your problem now, not mine!

OBAMA: In fact — and the fact that I'm asking my vice president to personally lead this effort shows how important it is for our country and our future to get this right.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Because if anybody knows how to be precise and accurate, it's Joe Biden!


Very clever, Mr. President. And to the nation's governors, my deepest sympathies.

Lost and Found

Monday's Meltdown comes to you from the Arctic Sea. For our viewers up in the Arctic, it turns out there's no need to panic! You know all that ice that has supposedly melted? It's been found!

According to Bloomberg News, the National Snow and Ice Data Center has revealed that faulty sensors have caused them to underestimate the amount of ice in the Arctic Sea by 193,000 square miles — an area the size of California. The error was the result of what the NSIDC calls sensor drift.

This colossal miscalculation was first pointed out by curious readers who located far more ice-covered areas in the Arctic than had originally been reported by the center. But what's a little rounding error in the service of a higher cause?

Ditching Detroit

The president announced Friday that he is creating a task force to tackle the problems of the American auto industry. But The Detroit News reports that the eight of the 10 members of the task force represent one of the main reasons Detroit's automakers are in big trouble: all but two of them own foreign-made cars!

Tax cheat Timothy Geithner owns an Acura (a Japanese model); Larry Summers, director of the National Economic Council, owns a Mazda (another Japanese model); Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag owns a Honda (yup, another Japanese model); and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson owns an environmentally friendly Toyota Prius (yet another Japanese model).

Then again, I'm sure that's all just for opposition research. By the way, I own a GM Escalade Hybrid and I love it.

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