Obama Flip-Flops Over Campaign Finance

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The news that is not White House approved...

Finance Flip-Flop

The president came out swinging against Thursday's Supreme Court opinion which made it easier for corporations to donate to political campaigns, saying, "The Supreme Court has given a green light to a new stampede of special interest money in our politics."

That's interesting coming from the first major presidential candidate ever to forego public financing in a presidential election. Candidate Obama opted out of the public financing system as soon as he realized that he could raise more money than Senator John McCain, and went on to spend more campaign money than any candidate in history.

But then again, this is not the first time the president has flip-flopped on the issue. Back in 2007 he was all for spending limits, touting a "fundraising truce" as well as a commitment to "preserve a publicly financed election."

So which is it, Mr. President? Maybe he'll decide in 2012.

The Kiss of Death

President Obama has hit the road to campaign for a number of Democratic candidates over the past year, but I don't know how much his presence is actually helping. In fact, I think it may be the kiss of death.

In the fall President Obama hit the campaign trail with Virginia gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds, who went on to lose to Bob McDonnell by over 17 points. He fought hard for New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine's re-election, but Corzine came up four points short behind Chris Christie. And he tried to convince Bay Staters that Martha Coakley was the right senator for them. You know how that turned out.

Well, folks, guess who's up next? The president is headed to Nevada next month to campaign for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who continues to drop to new lows in the polls.

Can the president rescue him? I don't know, Prince Harry, I don't like your chances. Think Copenhagen.

Here Comes the Pain

President Obama has a lot of problems on his plate as his second year in office begins, but none may be more imposing than this one: The Anointed One's newest critic is Ultimate Fighter Brock Lesnar, who's speaking out against government-run health care and President Obama.

The reining UFC heavyweight champ recently fell seriously ill during a hunting trip in Canada and told ESPN Radio the only thing that saved his life was escaping that country in order to receive treatment right here in the good old USA:


BROCK LESNAR, UFC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: Probably the lowest moment was getting care from Canada. I hate to bash them, but they couldn't do nothing — they couldn't do nothing for me. They — you know, it was just like I was in a Third World country. The only reason I'm mentioning this, I'm mentioning this to the United States of America, because President Obama is pushing this health care reform and, obviously, I don't want it.


Look out, Mr. President. Sounds like Mr. Lesnar is recovered and ready for a fight.

Not So Fast…

If you thought the U.N.'s Copenhagen Climate Change conference couldn't become any more of a failure than it already is, the listen to this: The New York Times (albeit reluctantly) reports than even the meaningless non-binding accord issued at the conclusion of the conference is now in jeopardy! Of the 190 nations that attended the conference, less than two dozen have officially agreed to the terms of the accord. Countries have only until January 31st to do so.

And to think all that fuel that was wasted flying those private jets and driving those limos all around Copenhagen. Such a shame.

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