Obama Appearance Delayed After Plane Lands at Wrong Iowa Airport

Democrat Barack Obama's charter plane touched down Tuesday night at the wrong Iowa airport, making him late to a campaign stop as he kicked off a swing through the early-voting state.

The plane was supposed to land in Cedar Rapids, but instead touched down about 100 miles to the west in Des Moines. Aides quickly realized the mistake when there was no car waiting to rush them to that night's events.

Spokesman Tommy Vietor said Wednesday that the mistake on the flight from Chicago made Obama about an hour late for a rally at a community college. While waiting, the crowd took to dancing and chanting.

Asked about the mix-up Wednesday at a campaign stop in Wapello, Iowa, Obama said, "We just seemed to overshoot the runway by about 150 miles apparently."

He said that when the crew landed, "We were just curious — usually the Secret Service pulls their cars up real quickly, and we looked around and nobody was there."

Obama then walked inside the small Iowa restaurant he was visiting, and ordered a soft-serve vanilla ice cream cone, two orders of onion rings, waffle fries with ranch dressing and a couple orders of ice cream for staffers.

FOX News' Bonney Kapp and The Associated Press contributed to this report.